ZacEpisode 1
During the first episode we were introduced to Zac, who was raced into the emergency department with severe injuries after a horrific workplace accident.

The 23-year-old’s right hand was trapped inside machinery, resulting in his hand being degloved and the amputation of his pinky finger.

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DeanEpisode 3

If any situation is going to make you realise whether someone is right for you, it’s spending your first date in the emergency department. And when Dean had a seizure while he and Olivia were at a beer and food festival, she didn’t hesitate to stay by his side.

Dean and Olivia’s eventful date was featured in Episode 3 of Emergency. Dean, who has had epilepsy for 10 years, struck his head several times when he had the seizure. Staff at the hospital were concerned there was possible damage to the brain or brain bleeds, but he was cleared of permanent damage.

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KaylaEpisode 2
In our second episode, nurse Lucy worries a pregnant patient, Kayla, who arrived at the Royal Melbourne Hospital after a car accident, feared for her the unborn child.

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