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For over 170 years The Royal Melbourne Hospital has touched the lives of millions of Victorians, providing care and treatment for the sickest in our community.

Today the hospital is recognised as a world renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, but improving the outcomes for all through a comprehensive medical research program, and the training of our future health professionals.

Caring for our patients

Our staff throughout the hospital have been training since early in 2020 in preparation to care for COVID-19 patients.

Our Emergency Department worked fast to establish a special “fever” clinic, and together with our Pathology Lab, they’ve taken samples from thousands of Victorians, providing rapid test results. We’ve undertaken contact tracing, and we’ve set up an innovative Home Monitoring program for those COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms.

We’ve rapidly increased our Intensive Care Unit capacity, trained and prepared staff, and our Procurement department has secured Personal Protective Equipment, ventilators and other necessary supplies.

Research for the global community

Through the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, a joint venture between the RMH and the University of Melbourne, we were the first to cultivate the COVID-19 virus in a lab outside of China, and to share it with research organisations across Australia and around the world.

Our Doherty colleagues are also hard at work on developing a vaccine alongside research labs around the world. They have also helped enable the introduction of the new less-invasive saliva test. And we continue to treat patients every day, with ongoing trauma surgery, and greatly increase telehealth capability.

As one of Australia’s busiest public hospitals, we couldn’t do all of this, and be available to help everyone, every day, without your help!

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